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Residential and Commercial Decking Strips

A slip and fall can cause pain and discomfort to friends, visitors, or customers. It can also open your family, company, or organization to major liability issues. 

Slippery Situations

From a major seaside amusement park boardwalk to a personal poolside deck, water added to wood or composite decking can be a slippery challenge. However, it’s a problem Sure-Foot’s decking strips were designed to answer.  

Sure-Foot safeguards residential and commercial decks, stairways, boardwalks, and other walkways with anti-slip decking strips. Affordable and easy to install, decking strips provide an extra measure of assurance that no one, from kids to adults to senior citizens, will lose their footing. 

Weather and time can make surfaces more slippery

It is important to understand that decking, whether made of wood, wood composite, or other materials, can become more slippery as it weathers. Without constant maintenance, decking can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and slime that can cause users to slip, slide and skid across them. Consequently, brand-new decking will often exhibit better anti-slip characteristics than an older structure. As a result, it’s never too late (or too early) to install Sure-Foot decking strips.  

Unlike anti-slip abrasive tape, which can wear out easily, failing to provide the protection you need and becoming an eyesore, Sure-Foot’s decking strips are mechanically attached to the deck surface via screws, ensuring long-term reliability and use. There are no messy glues or adhesives to deal with and our deck strips use a Polyaspartic Colorfast coating that will not fade due to UV exposure for great color for the lifespan of the strips. 

A safe and attractive choice

Available in a variety of colors, Sure-Foot’s anti-slip decking strips can fit in with your exterior design. Deck strips are a great solution to make your deck look good while also keeping it much safer for years to come.  

Take a look at our product sell sheet or contact us to learn more about deck strips for residential and commercial use.  

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