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Safety is the New Black

According to OSHA, 1 in 6 of all lost-time work injuries result from slips, trips and falls, many of which could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been taken. Unfortunately, facility and property managers often find themselves balancing a large number of daily responsibilities, and workplace safety can occasionally be overlooked to avoid disrupting existing décor. Despite its importance, business owners may place a higher value on the look of their facilities over the safety of their facilities.

Universities, restaurants, hotels, and theme parks are some locations where the right blend of safety and aesthetics is crucial. Students want to attend beautiful campuses, foodies love restaurants that blend the environment with their favorite dishes, and hotel guests want cozy surroundings to make them feel more at home. However, entertainment and leisure-based businesses aren’t the only types of companies weighing safety measures and visual aesthetics. Facilities throughout all industries can find themselves juggling these different building criteria.  

Protecting workers and customers is a continued concern for businesses, but it doesn’t have to detract from the look or feel of the facility. “Safety is the New Black” and it has become increasingly common for safety equipment and accessories to be designed with their visual impact in mind.

Preventing Incidents Without Influencing Aesthetics

Slips, trips, and falls are costly incidents impacting businesses. The risk of severe injury and the impending liability should be prevented at every opportunity.

Each year, over a million hospital visits occur due to slips and falls, and the cost of one of these incidents averages $30,000. This burden can fall back on businesses in the form of lawsuits or worker compensation claims.

Stairs are often a common perpetrator in a slip, trip or fall injury. Special consideration should be given to these areas and, despite many doubts, it is possible to improve safety efforts without impacting environmental aesthetics.

Anti-slip tape or non-slip stair treads are excellent solutions to guard against stairway tumbles without commanding visual attention. Our products are especially useful on stairs that are susceptible to moisture accumulation.

Walkways, particularly those in high traffic areas, are another location where slips can become a concern. The constant flow of people entering and exiting the walkway can leave treacherous trails of water puddles that greatly increase slip and fall risks.

Our fiberglass walkways add a higher degree of safety without drawing attention away from surrounding areas. The grit-coated fiberglass offers a durable and permanent solution without damaging existing services or being too obtrusive.

Sure-Foot has decades of experience pairing safety with visual appeal by developing anti-slip products, which are available in customizable sizes, materials and colors. Contact us at 800-522-6566 and learn more about how we can balance safety and aesthetics in your facility or request a sample today.

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