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Concrete Stair Covers

Stairs made of concrete are durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain but can be a safety hazard when wet from rain or slippery from chemical and oil spills. 

To improve safety in places with these types of steps, facility owners can overlay the bare surfaces with concrete stair covers. These anti-slip treads provide an extra degree of safety for a facility’s workers and visitors alike. 

Different designs enable companies to either integrate them when the steps are poured new or retrofit them. The stair covers feature a durable skid-resistant surface that provides both an added safety margin and a pleasing aesthetic touch. They work well for either pedestrian or industrial traffic and can be used both outdoors or indoors.  

Sure-Foot’s Bold Step® Concrete Stair Covers 

Sure-Foot Industries’ concrete stair covers meet or exceed Occupational Safety and Administration (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal guidelines. Its Bold Step® products feature an aluminum extrusion that will not warp, bend or rust and is inlaid with anti-slip epoxy fillers. Suitable for new construction projects or upgrades on existing facilities, these products include treads, nosings, and safety plates. They are available in seven standard colors and a glow-in-the-dark version and are constructed of heat-treated, exterior grade 6063 T5 aluminum. They use a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive grit and epoxy filler to create an anti-slip surface. 

Appropriate for poured and precast concrete stairs, steel-pan cement-filled stairs, and terrazzo stairs, Bold Step® anchor nosings, and treads are designed to be installed in wet concrete or to cover existing concrete stairs with appropriate preparation. They are ideal for high-traffic areas and the non-porous surface makes cleaning a snap. Sure-foot makes them to customer specifications, and they are designed to last as long as the building does. 

Contact us to learn more about our anti-slip solutions for concrete surfaces and steps.  

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