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How to Choose the Right Slip Resistance Products

With our line of anti-slip stair treads, non-slip tapes and anti-slip fiberglass products, Sure-Foot Industries is relied on by countless businesses to keep both customers and employees safe. From factories to office buildings and delivery vehicles to recreational facilities, slips, trips, and falls happen. No matter the project, Sure-Foot’s non-slip expertise can limit the accidents.

Evaluating the level of slip resistance offered in Sure-Foot products is essential when addressing a new application. By manufacturing a variety of different products, anywhere from light to heavy duty – and knowing which is right – is the first step in adding Sure-Foot to your project.

 In non-slip products, the type of grit used and its size will determine how much slip resistance is built into each of our products. Grit is measured by size, the higher the number, the smaller and less aggressive the grit. Most of our products use a blend of various grit sizes which increases the slip -resistance by creating peaks and valley’s .

Anti-Slip Tape

A universally accepted safety product, and one we have specialized in since 1979, anti-slip tape is a great option that can be used almost anywhere. From barefoot walking surfaces like boardwalks and marinas to chemical plants and offshore oil rigs with harsh conditions. Master Stop™ anti-slip tape is an extremely versatile product. 

One benefit of our Master Stop™ anti-slip tape line is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit almost any problem area.  

Master Stop™ #19 Black is our standard and most popular anti-slip tape.  This peel and stick product is made using a proprietary blend of sizes ranging from #30-#60 grits.  The unique blend of black grit creates a rich deep look.  Versatility is the main reason for its popularity; it can be used in OEM, Industrial as well as home applications. 

Colors and grades for our Master Stop line may vary from a #10 to a #70 grit allowing each product a unique look and feel while still maintaining a high level of slip resistance.

Sure-Foot also offers Master Stop EXTREME tape which is our most durable anti-slip tape made to date.  Designed with harsh conditions in mind, we created a peel and stick solution to out-perform traditional tapes.  From offshore marine applications to the transportation industry, this pressure sensitive material is capable of preventing slips, trips and falls in some of the most extreme environments.

Fiberglass Based Products (FRP)

Sure-Foot’s fiberglass based products are our fastest growing product line because of their adaptability, durability and versatility.

Fiberglass products come in four different grit options that can meet the needs of every customer. Made with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy our FRP products  have the flexibility to work well in most applications. Fiberglass grit grades levels include fine, light, medium and heavy-duty.

Fine grit – The least aggressive of our grit grades for fiberglass products, our fine mixture is a blend of 54 and 60 grit sizes. Our most minimally abrasive grit, fine is safe to use in areas with barefoot traffic, such as pools, marinas, gyms and garages.   For interior and exterior applications, choose one of several optional colors.

Light grit – A blend of 30 and 50 grit sizes, light grit mixture is a step up from fine but is still safe for barefoot traffic. Traditionally used in applications with similar foot traffic, light grit is available in two-color combinations.

Medium grit – A blend of 20 and 40 grit sizes, the medium grit is designed for the commercial or industrial customer. Less aggressive than heavy duty, medium grit grade deters accidents in stairwells or other walking surfaces.  This grit blend is commonly used in amusement parks and recreational areas.

Heavy Duty grit – A blend of 8, 16 and 30 grit sizes, heavy duty is the most aggressive grit grade. It is excellent for dirty or dangerous environments where slips and falls are a high concern. Not recommended for regular walking surfaces, our heavy duty mix most often is recommended for stairs and equipment traffic in extreme environments. Sawmills, oil rigs and diverse marine applications are good examples of where Sure-Foot suggests using a protective heavy duty grit grade. 

BOLD STEP® Metal Stair Treads

In every environment, stairs can pose a slip danger. Sure-Foot’s BOLD STEP metal stair treads minimize problems by adding slip resistance to every stair.

Industrial applications are often the recommendation for anti-slip stair treads as they can guard against dirt, oil, or grease that can be tracked onto step locations from the manufacturing floor.

An epoxy and grit mixture is embedded into an aluminum extrusion.  Our BOLD STEP treads are available in 10 different depths and 7 distinct colors.

While Industrial applications are most common, recreational uses, like heavy traffic areas or sporting arenas with many stairs can be outfitted for added safety.

Comparing and understanding our different anti-slip products doesn’t have to be difficult. While it can be a lot to digest, we are always here to make sure you are selecting the right slip resistance solution.

If you have questions about which anti-slip product is right for your needs, you can contact us at 800-522-6566.  Interested in any of the products discussed? Request a product sample today.

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