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Fiberglass Strips for Safe Traction Outdoors in Oregon

Busy metro park systems can experience a lot of traffic, especially during peak seasons. An organization called the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project organizes an annual trail count, to gather trail use data at more than 90 park systems nationwide. In September 2018, within an Oregon metro park system, volunteers gathered at 121 different sites, observed 23,971 total users, tallying 14,985 pedestrians and 8,320 cyclists. This data gathering helps guide planning, development and funding allocation.  

Planning and development doesn’t just involve park expansion or new facilities, but also park safety and improvements. In the western part of Oregon the climate features cool summers and wet winters, with frequent rain and snow. Picturesque moss clings to old growth forests—and everything else, including buildings and bridges. In one part of an Oregon metro park, moss, algae and mold made the surface of a wooden bridge slippery and hazardous for park visitors.  

Slip Resistant Deck Plates on Boat Dock

Due to the bridge location, park workers had no access to electricity to clean the bridge. They had to bring in generators to pressure wash its surface every six to nine months to remove the mold and algae. Park officials also tried anti-slip tape, but the amount of moisture in the area caused the tape to lose its adhesion and peel off.  

They then called on Sure-Foot Industries, the experts in anti-slip solutions. After examining the situation, instead of anti-slip tape, the company suggested fiberglass strips. These could be permanently bolted down, cleaned easily with a scrub brush, yet aggressive and tough enough to handle the thousands of park visitors on foot or on wheels.  

Sure-Foot measured bridge dimensions and manufactured special fiberglass strips in custom lengths and variety of different sizes to fit the wooden beams that comprised the bridge crossing.  The fiberglass strip solution exceeded park officials’ expectations, requiring little maintenance and continuing to wear well since installation more than three years ago. The park officials were so impressed they have since ordered more custom fiberglass strips from Sure-Foot for other areas in the park to enhance safety and prevent slips and falls.  

Sure-Foot specializes in custom fits and toughness. Fiberglass strips can be manufactured with any level of grit, from finer to a more heavy-duty grit level commonly used for offshore oil rig applications.  Whether for decking, bridges, steps, ramps or other flooring, Sure-Foot has an anti-slip solution to suit any environment or work conditions. Call Sure-Foot Industries at 800-522-6566. 

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