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Made with a mineral-abrasive grit-coated polyester film, Sure-Foot’s anti-slip tapes are the solution for slip and fall evils in almost any environment. Our tapes come in a variety of grit materials, colors, and sizes, covering and exceeding OSHA and ADA federal standards.

Anti-Slip Tape Manufacturers

From simple hazard tape to reflective glow tape, we have a grip on all anti-slip needs. Sure-Foot even manufactures slogan tape to allow for extra visibility in harsh conditions.

Sure-Foot anti-slip tape can be found in a plethora of industries. Our diverse portfolio includes transportation, marine, and industrial supplier industries. Whether for production safety tied to making vehicles and components or supplying a factory or retail store, Sure-Foot helps people get to their destination in the safest possible way.

You may come across different manufacturers, but we offer the best anti-slip tape for every situation to create secure environments with fewer accidents.

Even the harshest of environments can be safer with Sure-Foot Master Stop Extreme Tapes, our strongest peel-and-stick products. This specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive material is capable of combatting slips, trips, or falls in dangerous locations, making it ideal for the marine industry.

Master Stop Extreme Anti-Slip TapesIncrease safety in the workplace with Sure-Foot’s yellow-and-black hazard pattern to increase visibility when the standard options are not enough to stand-out.

These high-traffic areas are also magnets for dirt and grime. To ensure working areas remain harmless and clean, Sure-Foot proposes Mop-Top, which is compatible with cleaning supplies. Our tape minimizes friction between a mop head and a floor while providing traction to keep people safe.

Sure-Foot understands that industrial suppliers want anti-slip products with competitive prices, customization, and faster turnaround times. We specialize in making slip-resistant tapes that offer an ideal way to minimize expenses quickly while making the business environment safer for employees and customers.

Die-Cut Anti-Slip Flooring Tape

Sure-Foot customizes products with a variety of colors and sizes. Several shades of black, safety red and yellow, or a simple grey are just a few of the possibilities available to meet any business or industry need. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film option for dimly lit areas.

If the existing options don’t quite meet a need, Sure-Foot can customize any of its products, or design new options based on a specific project.

As you search for anti-slip tape manufacturers, keep in mind that you may have many unique needs that should be addressed. We have a range of solutions for you.

Contact us or request a sample to take the first step toward a safer workplace.

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