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Case Study: Custom Anti Slip Strips for Boat Trailer Aftermarket Product

Of the 60 million anglers in the U.S., more than half say they prefer bass fishing, with equipment, gear and even boats made specifically for the sport. Bass boats have to be hauled to the water and back again using a trailer. One start-up company in Indiana saw an opportunity for an aftermarket, detachable boat step to make it easier for bass boat owners and fishermen to access the boat.

Bass boat trailers do not come outfitted with steps. Typically, when the boat is loaded on a trailer, the boat owner or fisherman would climb the wheel well for access. This can be a slippery and even dangerous maneuver when a wet boat is launched and/or taken out of the water in the dark. 

“TrickStep™” is a detachable boat access step made of steel square tubing and TIG welded for solid integrity. offers production model steps for all major brands in the bass boat industry, such as Ranger, Phoenix, Triton and more, with custom models available for other boat brands and models, numbering in the dozens.

Beyond the company’s emphasis on quality American manufacturing, each step configuration has additional features in common to enhance safety. For example, TrickStep™ is fitted with anti-slip strips from Sure-Foot Industries.

The Beginning

The company contacted Sure-Foot Industries in January 2019 after finding the company’s SkidGuard™ anti-slip tape brand at a big box hardware store. At that point, TrickStep was hand cutting the tread to make step pad prototypes for their TrickStep product.

Sure-Foot, which works closely with a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), offered to design a custom product for TrickStep that wouldn’t require hand trimming to fit the boat trailer steps. The end result for this particular OEM application is a custom die-cut anti slip part that simply requires the installer to peel off the backing to attach the pads to the boat steps.

Sure-Foot adjusted the product composition to better fit this particular application. The grit type, adhesive type and the inclusion of a reflective stripe supply various advantages and enhance the safety features of the TrickStep boat trailer steps.

The custom cuts allow for easy application on the manufacturing floor, with the custom die-cut’s slashing time for installation by almost 75%. The adhesive ensures the safety pad will remain securely fixed to the boat step and will not peel off. The grit level helps with traction in wet and slippery conditions, while the reflective stripe increases step visibility and enhances safety in a sport where anglers can be out on the water from sun-up until sun-down.

The Growth offers a growing outdoor industry a useful, innovative product to keep their customers safe and now the company is flourishing.

Sure-Foot focuses its manufacturing and product development on performance, durability and a solutions-oriented mentality. Whether for consumer-focused products or industrial applications, Sure-Foot can supply an anti-slip solution tailor-made to fit different environments and conditions.

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