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Sure-Foot User Reference Guide

You need an anti-slip solution to make your facility (or vehicle) safer for users but aren’t sure whether the products you’re looking at are appropriate for your application. What to do? Sure-Foot Industries has developed a handy user reference guide that can help you determine which of its products will work best in which applications. From conveyors to cargo planes to decks and docks, the user reference guide gives you a first-pass matchup of its products and typical applications that you can refine later with your Sure-Foot representative.  

Easy to Use Matrix Format

The handy matrix format makes it clear that Sure-Foot offers several highly versatile products, such as Master Stop® Safety Tapes and Treads, Fiber Glass Deck Strips, Extreme Tapes and Treads, and Home Essentials Tapes and Treads. These apply to a wide range of applications. At the other end of the spectrum, Marine Grade Tapes are suitable for only four often-nautical applications (e.g., decks and docks, personal watercraft), while Bold Step Cast Aluminum products are installed in wet cement only. The end-user guide matches Sure-Foot’s product line with nearly 40 applications, so you can order with confidence.

Anti-Slip Experts

The health and safety of customers and employees must be a top priority for every business. Our carefully designed, durable products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and help you take the first step toward a safer workplace. Sure-Foot manufactures products that provide safe footing in a variety of environments. As a direct manufacturer, we are a wholesale-only organization. Learn more about the user reference guide, talk with Sure-Foot’s sales associates and establish an account by calling (800) 522-6566 or contact us.

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