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Anti-Skid Flooring

From distribution centers to machine lines, factory floors, office stairs, school buildings and other facilities, your customers need anti-skid flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, and they rely on you to provide them. At Sure-Foot Industries, we make numerous anti-skid products that will help you supply your customers with the grip they need on stairs, platforms, ramps and docks.  

Falls can cause serious injuries, especially those that take place on stairs or elevated platforms and walkways. In fact, slips and falls represent billions of dollars in worker’s compensation claims and lawsuit payouts.  

At Sure-Foot Industries, all of our anti-skid flooring products are made in America and meet, or exceed, ADA and OSHA guidelines for grip. Take a look at some of our most popular anti-skid flooring solutions to mitigate accidents caused by slippery, high-traffic surfaces.   

Grit-Coated Fiberglass Step Covers

Coated with a proprietary layered blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit, these fiberglass step covers are lightweight and ideal for use on any industrial stairway. Our fiberglass step covers and walkway panels are the durable solutions your customers need for high-traffic, harsh environments.  Even if your customers have hundreds of people walk on their stairs every day, these step covers will pass the test. 

Master Stop™ Anti-Slip Tapes 

These products are made with mineral abrasive, grit-coated polyester film that produces superb traction – regardless of the environment.  They are ideal for numerous applications, including parking garages, inclined hallways, kitchen restaurants, stairs, outdoor entrances, and more.  

We make it easy for you to provide your customers with anti-slip solutions made for their exact application. Contact us to learn more about our anti-skid flooring products. 

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