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Companies want to do everything they can to keep safety top of mind in their operation, including measures to guard against slips and falls on steps throughout facilities.

Our aluminum stair nosings, which feature cross-hatch etchings, are cost-effective and extremely durable. Get the details about BOLD STEP® solutions, including standard sizes for many staircases that range in age and shape. We can meet the specific needs of businesses in diverse industries.

From workers to customers, building traffic can vary from low to high. In either case, safety must be paramount. Our products are designed with materials that are meant to last for the long haul (they also enhance the overall look of facilities). Installation is easy during construction or long after stairwells are built.

Cast Aluminum Stair Tread Anti Slip System

Made from the highest quality non-corrosive aluminum, they’re free from holes and defects that would otherwise limit their performance. Our consistent end-product includes a natural sand cast finish and a surface of silicon carbide abrasive.

The surfaces can be easily cleaned with all-purpose industrial floor cleaners or routinely swept to remove and loosen dirt. Maintenance can also include a stiff bristle brush or the aluminum stair nosings can be sprayed up to 1000 psi.

Turn to Sure-Foot today if you need reliable products that offer extra protection and traction on stairs. They’ll help avoid accidents and lawsuits that can occur in spaces that lack the extra traction that nosings offer.

We can cover the technical details and answer all of your questions. Contact us today to speak with a representative to learn more about our cast aluminum stair nosings.

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