Anti-Slip Tape for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Contact Sure-Foot today to get the right anti-slip products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (tape, fiberglass step covers, die-cuts and more).

anti slip for original equipment manufacturersAnti-Slip Products for OEMs

It takes many components to develop and build your end product. As you search for a manufacturer to assist with your anti-slip product needs, we know that OEMs often have specific requirements regarding the final design. Sure-Foot delivers a custom product, along with:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Reliable consistency
  • On-time delivery
  • Reasonable prices. 

Providing Flexibility and Versatility

The product we create plays a vital role in your final offering. While Sure-Foot can customize any of our anti-slip tapes and fiberglass solutions, we also design brand new products when needed. Working with your engineering, design, or sales team, we remain flexible and focus on your needs. We specialize in custom die-cut sizes and colors allowing you to create the ideal anti-slip part to complete your product. 

The Difference with Sure-Foot

We listen to you. At Sure-Foot, we follow your instructions down to the last detail to ensure you will receive the exact product you need. Once you decide how you want to customize your product, we assist with product design and prototyping. Along with providing the highest quality solution, Sure-Foot equips you with the tools to sell the finished product to your customer. View all of our anti-slip products here.

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