Aluminum Cast Nosings

3" Aluminum Nosing

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4" Aluminum Nosing

Available Sizes

1/4" nose with lip

Standard Depths: 3" and 4"

Standard Lengths: 36", 48" and 60"

Informational Product Documents

BOLD STEP® Cast Abrasive Nosings Sell Sheet

BOLD STEP® 3" Cast Aluminum Nosing (.pdf)

BOLD STEP® 3" Cast Aluminum Nosing (.dwg)

BOLD STEP® 4" Cast Alumium Nosing (.pdf)

BOLD STEP® 4" Cast Alumium Nosing (.dwg)

Cast Aluminum Stair Nosing

When it comes to the safety of clients, visitors and staff, no business can be too careful. At Sure-Foot Industries, we make durable and high-quality products that aim to enhance pedestrian safety indoors and outdoors on a commercial property. Our products are cost-effective and built to last for the long haul.

Cast Aluminum Stair Nosings Options

Our cast aluminum stair nosings can be installed as concrete is poured during new construction or retroactively as a safety measure on an existing stairwell or staircase. Our standard depths include 3" and 3" and the thickness is 1/4". The standard lengths of the cast aluminum stair treads are 36", 48" and 60". We can create custom lengths as well. The grit on the nosings is evenly distributed and the cross-hatch etchings allow for a consistent tread.

Durability and Quality of Cast Aluminum Stair Nosings

We've created our cast aluminum stair nosings and treads with durability in mind. Our products should last for as long as the stairs onto which they're installed. Even when the stair nosings are set into the concrete as it is cast, the nosings are designed to last for a lifetime. The grit on our aluminum does not scrape off and the aluminum will not warp, bend or rust. These nosings work well indoors and outdoors.

Any business seeking to create a safer environment should contact us to learn more about our cast aluminum stair nosings. We're happy to explain the technical details of our products and answer any questions. Give us a call at (440) 234-4446 or request an estimate today and speak with a representative to learn more about our cast aluminum stair treads!