Stair Tread Anchors

BOLD STEP® anchor systems can be used for poured & precast concrete, steel-pan cement filled stairs and terrazzo stairs.

Aluminum extrusion inlayed with proprietary mineral abrasive anti-slip epoxy-filler. Delivers maximum safety and durability while providing a look to compliment today's building designs.

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3" bullnose (top) and 4" straight edge

Available Sizes

Standard Depths: 3" bullnose with anchor; 4" straight edge with anchor

Specify length up to 120"

Specify color.

Custom colors available.

Informational Product Documents

BOLD STEP® Anchor Nosings & Treads Sell Sheet

BOLD STEP® 3" Bullnose Anchor (.pdf)

BOLD STEP® 3" Bullnose Anchor (.dwg)

BOLD STEP® 4" Straight Edge Anchor (.pdf)







Dark Green



Concrete Stair Nosing

The goal of our team at Sure-Foot Industries is to help businesses achieve and maintain safety inside, around, and throughout their property. Our products offer cost-effective and easy to use solutions that enhance pedestrian safety. One of our most dependable products are stair tread nosings and anchors.

Available Stair Nosing Options

The standard depths of our stair nosing and anchor systems are 3 inch bullnose with anchor and 4 inch straight edge with anchor. We can create a custom length for each anchor of up to 120 inches and all concrete stair nosing anchors are available in custom colors to coordinate with your existing flooring or decor. Our standard color for the anchors is black.

Metal Stair Nosing Quality and Durability

Our stair tread nosing anchors can be used on new construction as well as existing buildings. The nosings are equally durable and effective on surfaces including poured and precast concrete, steel-pan cement filled stairs and terrazzo stairs. We use high-quality materials in our anchors, which consist of aluminum extrusion with proprietary mineral abrasive anti-slip epoxy-filler laid into the metal. Our products are built to last as long as the building does.

Any business seeking to enhance safety for staff, visitors and clients should consider our anchors for any interior or exterior set of stairs. Give us a call at (440) 234-4446 or request an estimate today and speak with a representative to learn more about our custom lengths and colors available with our concrete stair nosings!